Grants and subsidies

We will guide you through the whole process of getting a subsidy. After learning what your objectives are, we will:

  • recommend suitable subsidy title,
  • utilize complete project application,
  • provide implementation management of supported projects and other follow - up activities,
  • furthermore, if you have only an idea, we will help you to form its content to make it a "viable" project.

We will not stress you. You provide only the necessary basic information and its adjustments to required form, filling in other data, setting in the context of project application and priorities of EU is our work.

We are able to transform your ideas into real projects. We evaluate which of your objectives can be included in the project, we help you to define the content of your project and process the application. Successful project can be with mutual cooperation prepared within a few weeks' time.

We offer the follow up help with implementation of supported project in connection with necessary administration related to the project. We have years of experience with preparation, implementation and administration of projects.

We are motivated by the same objectives as our clients

Each project is original and for it to succeed in competition it must meet various criteria, be prepared flawlessly, engage the evaluators, contain elements of innovation, bring added value. Our team is characterized by creativity, we are able to find functional, often original solution. This solution is always based on the ideas and objectives of our client, we can transform them into a successful and "viable" project.

Our aim is to always offer new and unique services on the market, which correspond with the most modern trends. The attempt to offer the highest quality and with it connected maximum success rate of projects is, next to the intention of providing the targeted follow up services, one of the key objectives of Grant Help. Our long term professional interest enables us to place the following goals - to excel in quality of service, success rate and to keep improving. We use our long term experience with each of our new projects.

We always look for solutions

Our ambition is in certain way use high quality of project processing to jointly form general high standards of project processing, fully use grant possibilities of all available operation programmes as well as in less accented supported activities, predict new trends and reflect them in projects. All of this made to fit our clients need based on mutual consensus.

We are here for everybody

We process project applications for applicants with various legal entity, size and area of business. Next to the applicants with range of experience we also participate project preparation for applicants with no experience at all. We process and participate in implementation of projects with relatively small budget.

We are a strong team

Team forming international company Grant Help guarantees long term experience in grant area which can be proved by successful cooperation with our partners as well as by supported projects themselves. We are a team of consultants. We have pro-active, creative approach, we are dynamic, flexible and consistent.

Our work is based mainly on experience. We use long term know-how of successful consultants from previous programme periods of EU. In compliance with company strategy we put great emphasis on targeted development of own human resources and permanent improvement. Our consultants have the possibility to use the company set motivation programme which corresponds with the company policy and culture.

In the follow up services we cooperate with many well-known human resources specialists and other experts.